cropped-2494_brittney_stefanic_sleep_consulting_logo_as_13.jpgWelcome to Brittney Stefanic Sleep Consulting

Please browse the site, leave a comment and share away! As your Sleep Sense™ pediatric sleep consultant, I take special care to blend your goals and parenting style with your child’s age, development and temperament to create a customized sleep plan.

No sleep problem too big or small

Some of the issues that I can help you overcome include feeding and/or rocking to sleep, frequent night waking, early morning wake-ups, sleep troubles during travel, and short/non existent naps. There is no sleep issue too big or small, no matter the trouble I’ve got a solution for all!

Struggling with the “Terrible Twos”?!

Parents of toddlers definitely have added sleep struggles, and I am able to assist you in addressing toddler specific needs such as tots sneaking out of their room, engaging in bedtime battles, holding you “hostage” to fall asleep and transitioning from the crib to big kid bed.

Ready to get started?

You deserve to sleep and the rest of your family does, too! Reach out and let’s get started.