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Positive Toddler Behavior

Three Tips for Positive Toddler Behavior This Holiday Season Featured Blog

By Brittney Stefanic / December 12, 2018

Surviving the Holiday Hustle The month of December is packed with extra activities, late nights, sweet treats and skipped naps, so it is no wonder that so many toddler families have been reaching…

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Sleep during the holiday season

How You Can Still Get Sleep During Holiday Season

By Brittney Stefanic / December 5, 2018

Jingle All the Way, 2018 Edition Last year I shared some tips on how to maintain your little one’s sleep during the holiday season. From travel to the abundance of friends and family,…

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Baby sleep tips for better sleep tonight

4 Easy Baby Sleep Tips for Tonight

By Brittney Stefanic / November 27, 2018

I’ll start tomorrow. If you’re anything like me, procrastination is my go-to excuse for letting bad habits stick around. Cleaning out the car? I’ll do it tomorrow. Getting back to healthy eating habits?…

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Most Common Questions for a Sleep Consultant Blog

Answers to Your Top Sleep Questions

By Brittney Stefanic / October 25, 2018

Sleep Q&A I had the exciting task of taking over the Instagram stories of Sleeping Baby Inc this month for a 24 hour long sleep Q&A session. As you can imagine, I got…

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Daylight Saving and Sleep — Tips for Fall Back

By Brittney Stefanic / October 22, 2018

Don’t fall into a trap when “falling back” this weekend The end of daylight saving time is coming up this weekend. For most of us, this signals the true start of winter as…

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Why Won’t My 4 Month Old Sleep Like She Used To?

By Brittney Stefanic / October 9, 2018

Tired mama, does this sound familiar? “My newborn was a decent sleeper. And then within the past few weeks, it seems like I’m dealing with a TOTALLY different baby. She’s about 4.5 months…

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How to sleep past 4 am!

How to Get Baby to Sleep Past 4 A.M.

By Brittney Stefanic / October 4, 2018

What’s with the 4 am wake up, anyways? That right there might be the single most common question that parents ask me as a certified sleep consultant. Is it a developmental milestone? A…

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toddler moving to a big kid bed

Move to a Big Kid Bed

By Brittney Stefanic / September 13, 2018

FAQ: How the heck do we move to a big kid bed from a crib? One of the most common questions I get asked about toddler’s sleep is when should we (or can…

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Kids going back to school and parents needing sleep help

5 Sleep Tips for Back to School to End the Bedtime Battle Blog Feature

By Brittney Stefanic / September 4, 2018

Well, that was a tease Does anyone else feel like the 4 “school” days last week were a great way to get back into the swing of things and then the 4 day…

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back to school sleep tips for families

Sleep and School-Age Kids Blog Feature

By Brittney Stefanic / August 22, 2018

Ready for back to school? Ready or not… Here it comes! And no matter how experienced you are with this back to school season, most of us will be using this fall to…

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