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Ready to Finally
Get Some Sleep?


We work with mompreneurs who are ready to go from frustrated and sleep deprived to mom boss revived.

The only problem is you are exhausted and at the end of your rope because your family isn't sleeping well, and you don’t have the time or energy to continue troubleshooting possible sleep solutions.

Together we work side by side to get your family sleeping better as quickly and low stress as possible so you can have more time for your family, your business and yourself all while finding the energy that it takes to do it all!

Ready for better sleep?

How to work with us:

Step 1: Submit a sleep support interest form so we can learn more the sleep struggles you are experiencing. This form will help us determine how we can best help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Step 2: Hop on a sleep evaluation call so we can chat about all the sleep things your family is struggling with and talk about how we will work together to get your sleep goals met as quickly and low stress as possible.

Step 3: Dream about what a full night of sleep will feel like for your family as we create a sleep plan specific to your family’s sleep struggles and goals.

Step 4: Get a virtual consultation date and time scheduled ASAP so we can get started with your family’s customized sleep plan.

Step 5: Sleep again, FINALLY, with one-on-one coaching and accountability. Our packages include daily support for the duration of your family’s sleep plan.

The investment for this all-inclusive sleep support is $699 or three payments of $250.

"Brittney is VERY educated and good at what she does! Anytime a part of our sleep plan got interrupted or wasn’t working as “planned,” she had an alternative, and that always ended up working!"
Justine, mom of a 4 month old

how to get baby to sleep in crib

Does any of this sound like you?

  • Are you a working mom who is anxious about needing to get things done but not having time in the day because of the ALL THE TIME you are spending on sleep?
  • Do you have an overtired and grouchy baby?
  • Are you a mom boss who is unable naptime hustle because there is no nap?
  • Is your partner sleeping on the couch or in the guest room which leaves no "us" time?
  • Are you stressed on the daily by your crabby and colicy baby?
  • Do you get overwhelmed thinking about what steps to take to teach your little one to be a better sleeper?
  • Are you unable to take care of yourself because you are spending so much time in the depths of Google searching for sleep answers?
  • Does the thought of returning to work this exhausted make you want to cry?
  • Are you and your partner desperate for a date night but you can’t leave your baby because they won’t sleep without you around?

Imagine going from your current state of sleep deprived and overwhelmed with useless sleep information to empowered and confident in dealing with your family’s sleep struggles.


Picture yourself one week from now. You are a mom boss with time for your business, your family and yourself, and you:

  • Finally have your life (and your room) back!
  • Have simplicity in your days again because your baby is finally napping without a fight!
  • Have a family that is finally getting the quality sleep you need and deserve!
  • Are NO LONGER frustrated trying to find a sleep plan that will work!
  • Resume your nap time hustle, finally, and get back to a productive business!
  • Have ditched your anxiety around your little one’s sleep needs and replaced it with confidence!

That’s the exact reason I created my customized sleep package to take you from an exhausted mom boss to a naptime hustler with a predictable daytime schedule and time in the evening to get things done!

how to get baby to sleep toddler

When we work together, you get one-on-one support for the duration of your sleep plan.

This looks like:

  • A preliminary sleep evaluation call to understand the specific needs of your family.
  • A fully customized sleep plan so that you feel comfortable implementing change and reaching your dreamy sleep goals!
  • A private 60-minute consultation to walk through the sleep plan step by step and answer all of your burning questions.
  • A nursery/bedroom assessment and recommendations for expert advice on reducing distractions and overstimulation.
  • Daily* Voxer (walkie talkie) support so you feel immediately supported during the plan implementation.
  • Unlimited email support so your middle of the night questions don't slip away thanks to your "mom brain".
  • Real-time shared digital sleep log so that we can see trends in sleep patterns and accurately troubleshoot based on sleep science.

What all of this means for you is that you get the tools you need to get your sanity back, get your family sleeping, and go from frustrated and sleep-deprived to mom boss revived!

*Support structure and frequency varies slightly based on the age of your little one.

customized sleep packages

What sets us apart in the sleep coaching industry is that you get us in your back pocket for the duration of your sleep plan to:

  • HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE in getting your life and your room back,
  • TROUBLESHOOT THROUGH ROADBLOCKS and turn your Googling frustration into sleep confidence,
  • SUPPORT YOUR FAMILY IN MAKING SLEEP CHANGES that finally allow each of you to get the quality sleep you need a deserve, and
  • CHEER YOU ON once your little is taking great naps and sleeping through the night!

As former classroom teachers, the most important part to this whole process is our connection with YOU. It’s no secret that change is hard. Breaking old habits is hard. Creating new habits is hard. Trusting your (tired) gut is hard. Sticking to a plan is hard.

For exhausted mom bosses (trying to do #allthethings), it is incredibly difficult to make a plan, follow through on a plan, alter a plan when needed and see success from a plan.

This is why we make ourselves available daily to you through a snazzy walkie-talkie app called Voxer. Because, as a busy working mama, we’ve been in your shoes before! We understand when you have a quick question but don’t have time for a 20 minute support call with me. We get that sometimes you need support RIGHT THEN and you don’t want to wait until our calendars have an opening for a formal check-in call.

So, Vox us. And as we are unloading our dishwashers, folding the endless piles of laundry or posting our latest success story on IG, we will Vox you back.

We will connect. And you will see even more success with sleep training.

We will teach you, hold your hand, troubleshoot with you, celebrate the big moments and recognize the little ones. We will be YOUR accountability partner. For yourself or your littles.

"Imagine yourself laying your child down in their bed, kissing them on the cheek, saying “night, night,” walking away while they roll over and snuggle in for the night, closing the door and joining your partner on the couch (maybe with a glass of wine) to hang out in blissful silence before going to bed and sleeping several uninterrupted hours yourself. Sounds amazing right?? Well, I just did that thanks to this program! And you can too…"
Jennifer & Adam, Colorado (parents of a 7 month old)